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Every individual will have unique therapeutic needs when entering treatment. However, one of the most effective therapies across all programs that have proven to help individuals struggling with substance use disorder and mental health issues is cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. This form of talk therapy is one of many addiction therapy programs available at United Recovery California. This form of therapy has been shown to help those with conditions such as a substance use disorder, anxiety, depression, and other dual diagnoses. At United Recovery California, we’re here to help if you want to try CBT. Call us at 855.923.3506 for intake information.

What Is a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program?

cognitive-behavioral therapy programCognitive-behavioral therapy is a type of psychological therapy. It has been highly researched and shown to lead to significant improvements when used in treatment. CBT is as effective as some medications and therapy programs, which means that patients have more substance abuse treatment options overall.

CBT is based on a few core principles. These include that:

  • Psychological problems are based, at least in some way, on how a person thinks in a negative or unhelpful way
  • People who have psychological issues can learn to cope with them, which will help improve their lives and relieve their symptoms
  • Psychological issues may be a result of learned, damaging behaviors

How Does a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program Work?

A cognitive-behavioral therapy treatment program may begin with focusing on recognizing distorted ways of thinking that could be causing problems in a person’s life. Then, the client will work on gaining a better understanding of how others behave. They also get to understand others’ motivations more clearly.

After this, the therapist may help the client learn new coping mechanisms to correct their thinking in day-to-day life. This helps the client build up more confidence in their ability to overcome challenges they face.

CBT doesn’t just involve changes in thinking and does require patients to make an effort to change their behaviors. Some simple techniques used in a cognitive-behavioral therapy program may include:

  • Using role-play to try out new techniques for handling problematic interactions with other people that may cause stress, anxiety, or panic, for example
  • Focusing on facing fears rather than avoiding them
  • Learning coping mechanisms to calm and relax the body so that the client can maintain that calm while dealing with frustrating or upsetting situations

Some or all of these treatment techniques may be used in a luxury treatment program, depending on the specific client and their needs.

How Can People Benefit from CBT?

Essentially, CBT focuses on the idea that the way a person thinks and learns can damage or help them. Correcting damaging patterns of thinking may resolve some of those issues.

Gaining control over your thought process can be a powerful tool, and that’s the goal of CBT. CBT aims to help clients stay calm and rational. It addresses cognitive distortions that may color their opinions or thoughts, leading to negative emotions and behaviors.

Of course, negative thoughts will still happen. Still, the client will learn methods of thinking and evaluating the situation to make good decisions and respond appropriately to different stimuli.

This is an effective form of talk therapy and can be applied in various situations, from helping those with eating disorders to those with substance use disorders and other conditions.

Discover the Support Necessary at United Recovery California

At United Recovery California, we work hard to help each of our clients overcome the challenges that they’re dealing with. We provide partial hospitalization, residential treatment, sober living, intensive outpatient treatment, and therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy and equine therapy. At our luxury treatment facility, we’re here to assist you or someone you love on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Call us today at 855.923.3506 to learn more about our programs.