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Many clients in recovery experience times when they need drug addiction relapse prevention and treatment. Because relapse does not happen all at once, but over stages, it can creep up on someone who’s been in recovery for months or even for years. Fortunately, luxury treatment programs often hold the key to getting back on track. Therefore, if you or someone you love struggles in recovery, reach out to a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center like United Recovery California today.

Common Drug Relapse Warning Signs

drug addiction relapse prevention and treatmentOften, drug relapse warning signs happen because clients become too complacent in their recovery. For example, they stop attending meetings because they feel they no longer need them. Similarly, they drift away from friends in the recovery community. They feel strong enough to resist temptation, so they begin to frequent old haunts and visit old friends who are still using. At the same time, they decline invitations to alumni events and allow themselves to become overly tired or stressed. These are all early warning signs of relapse. And generally, those experiencing them need drug addiction relapse prevention and treatment.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Drug and Alcohol Relapse

The best way to avoid relapse is to have a strong relapse prevention plan and actively work it every day. This means putting yourself and your needs at the top of the to-do list. This includes:

  • Getting enough sleep daily
  • Avoiding people and situations that trigger you
  • Effectively managing your stress
  • Attending meetings
  • Staying active in your recovery community
  • Eating well and exercising

You should also have someone on the other end of the speed dial who’s always available to listen. This may be your sponsor or mentor. It could also be someone within your recovery community. Finally, it could be a close friend or family member who has your best interests at heart. Regardless, make sure you have that lifeline should problems become crises.

Finding Your Way Back After Relapse

It’s vital for clients who succumb to relapse to re-enter treatment. Drug addiction relapse prevention and treatment help people cope in the aftermath of losing their sobriety. However, relapse is not the end. It’s only a pothole in the road to lifelong recovery. Millions of people face relapse every year in America. Sadly, many of them will not seek drug addiction rehab a second time. These are sad statistics because relapse is relatively common in recovery. Many clients find themselves back in treatment multiple times, but eventually, recovery happens. For this reason, those who keep trying and who refuse to give up are the ones who will find true healing.

Discover the Drug Addiction Relapse Prevention and Treatment Necessary at United Recovery California

On the west coast, United Recovery California offers excellent relapse prevention and treatment. Our chronic relapse treatment center in Southern California provides luxurious accommodations, a spacious campus, and the ultimate in peace and relaxation. Our luxury inpatient treatment center has helped thousands of clients recover from drug and alcohol addiction and relapse and moved them forward to a life of sobriety and promise.

If you’re interested in the services provided by United Recovery California, call us today at 855.923.3506 for admission information. One of our friendly and capable associates can verify your insurance over the phone when you call. Or, you can visit us online to learn more about drug addiction relapse prevention and treatment at United Recovery California.

Relapse does not mean the end of your recovery. It simply means it’s time to regroup. At United Recovery California, we’ll help you find your focus and re-dedicate yourself to your recovery journey. So call us today for help to get back on track.