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Inpatient Drug Rehab center southern californiaAt United Recovery Center in Southern California, we offer a full range of luxury addiction treatment programs, including inpatient treatment. Our ultimate goal is to help each person who comes to our treatment program get through the challenges surrounding addiction so that they can live healthier, happier lives. We strive to set people up for success through our addiction recovery options and exceptional therapeutic care.

Whether you’re trying to overcome an addiction to opioids, alcohol, or another substance, our inpatient substance abuse treatment program can help. We’ve designed this program for those who are serious about a long-lasting recovery and provide them the tools they need to attain this goal. To learn more about our residential treatment program, please reach out to United Recovery Project at 855.923.3506 today.

What to Expect in an Inpatient Treatment Program

Inpatient Drug Rehab center southern californiaWhen a person checks into our inpatient drug addiction treatment program, they live in one of our gender-specific treatment centers for the entire period that they are attending treatment. This level of care should occur after a person finishes detox, as true healing cannot begin when the person is using the substance in question.

While a person is in our treatment program, we’ll create an individualized treatment plan for them. This treatment plan may include one or more of the following therapeutic options:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Anger management

We require each patient to attend therapy so that they can learn about the underlying cause of their addiction. Then, they can begin to create healthy coping strategies, allowing them to stay sober outside of treatment. For instance, family therapy can help many individuals learn to communicate with their loved ones, healing relationships that their addiction may have broken. No two people are exactly alike, so we don’t expect anyone’s treatment to be exactly alike either.

Does Inpatient Rehab Include Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Many people who come to our dual diagnosis treatment program are suffering from acute mental health conditions as well as addiction. Unfortunately, only treating one condition can quickly cause relapse because the individual may not have the tools they need to manage both their mental health and their addiction outside of treatment. For example, if a person only gets treatment for their addiction, their mental health symptoms return without the substance to numb it. As a result, they may relapse, undoing all of the progress they have made.

Fortunately, attending an inpatient rehab that offers dual diagnosis treatment can effectively address both conditions at once. As a result of this treatment option, many people are able to get the care that they need, discouraging the likelihood of relapse. We offer a range of dual diagnosis treatment options, including:

  • Depression treatment
  • Anxiety treatment
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment
  • Bipolar disorder treatment

When a person attends dual diagnosis treatment at an inpatient treatment center, they have around-the-clock support for when their mental health symptoms worsen. This assistance can be invaluable for long-term recovery and sobriety.

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When a person comes to United Recovery Project, they don’t have to live with their addiction to drugs or alcohol. They can get the care and support they need, enabling them to put their life of substance use behind them. We offer both men’s rehab and women’s treatment options, ensuring that no matter a person’s gender, they have support. We also offer treatment for a range of addictions, including:

  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Heroin addiction treatment
  • Benzo addiction treatment
  • Cocaine addiction treatment
  • Opioid addiction treatment

For more information about the inpatient treatment program at United Recovery Project, please contact our admissions team today at 855.923.3506.