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Men's Rehab Center californiaToo many men today are struggling to control their drug or alcohol use, leading to health challenges, financial issues, and legal problems. Addiction impacts every aspect of a man’s life, which can ruin their hopes and dreams for the future. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. At our men’s rehab program, we help men find a place where they can begin to heal and recover from addiction, giving them the care they need to end addiction. United Recovery Project is committed to the long-term sobriety and health each man who comes to our luxury addiction treatment program requires. To learn how our treatment options can benefit men, please contact our treatment center at 855.923.3506 today.

Why Is Choosing a Men’s Rehab Program Important to Long-Term Recovery?

Men's Rehab Center californiaWhile women face challenges surrounding balancing work and home life, society says men have to be strong, no matter what is going on in their lives. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult for men to state that they have a problem controlling their substance use or mental health. As a result, many men do not seek the substance abuse treatment that they need to recover. A men’s treatment program can alleviate the need to appear strong and provide a range of additional benefits, including:

  • Finding support and advocates: Whether the person is a man or a woman, it is important to find advocates and allies in the treatment process. A men’s rehab program provides relationships and friendships that are essential to long-term recovery.
  • Fewer distractions: Most treatment experts recommend not engaging in a romantic relationship in the first year of recovery. Attending a men’s treatment program can lessen the likelihood of forming romantic attachments during treatment.
  • Focus on men’s issues: Men face different challenges than women. Our men’s treatment program attempts to narrow the scope of topics to issues that men inherently face.
  • Finding it easier to communicate: Most men find it easier to communicate with other men than with men and women. When male patients are working solely with men, we find that they may be more willing to bring up the issues they face.

Our men’s residential treatment program offers many additional benefits. To learn more about these, please contact United Recovery Project today at 855.923.3506.

The counselors, therapists, and medical professionals at United Recovery California are unified and always working towards a single goal: helping clients claim victory over addiction. We do this by providing the highest level of quality services possible in an environment that isn’t just nurturing but empowering.

Will a Men’s Rehab Program Include Therapy?

Every person’s treatment at United Recovery Project will include some therapeutic elements in some shape or form. Therapy allows the gentlemen in our program to understand the underlying cause of their addiction, allowing them to overcome the challenges that they face during the recovery process. We find that the best way to ensure that the man is getting the care he needs is to tailor his treatment program to his unique needs. When a man first reaches out to one of our admissions experts, we’ll provide an intake assessment. This examination determines his needs, whether he’s in need of dual diagnosis treatment, and what substance he is addicted to. Once we’ve performed the evaluation, we can start creating a treatment plan utilizing a range of addiction therapy program options, such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Anger management
  • Group therapy
  • Motivational interviewing

By providing an individualized treatment plan, we ensure that the man has the tools he needs to be successful in treatment.

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At United Recovery Project in Southern California, our goal is to provide the healing that each person needs, regardless of gender. To that end, we provide a variety of additional treatment options alongside our men’s rehab, including:

To learn more about how we can help men recover from addiction, call United Recovery Project today at 855.923.3506.