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At United Recovery California, we understand the needs of professionals and executives in recovery. You’ll attend luxury treatment programs where discretion is built into the program. It’s important to get the help you need to return to the career you love. Our medical staff and therapists help you through all the stages of recovery, and we even have an aftercare program for continued support. Whether you are a nurse, social worker, pilot, or psychologist, you can get the help you need and the privacy you deserve. Additionally, many of our clients are police officers and other first responders looking to put substance abuse in their past.

Unique Needs of Professionals in Southern California

Many professionals develop admirable qualities such as caretaking, perfectionism, and problem-solving. However, traits that serve you well in your career can also block your recovery progress. You may also face workplace challenges that promote substance use disorders. For example, your job may give you access to narcotics.

Here are some other examples of work scenarios that impede sobriety:

  • Culture of alcohol or drug use
  • Access to narcotics
  • Jobs involving public safety
  • Long work hours that make work/life balance difficult
  • High levels of stress, such as what healthcare and first responders experience

Our substance abuse treatment programs give you access to a team of dedicated practitioners who develop an individual treatment plan based on your needs. When you arrive, we conduct a full mental and physical assessment and learn more about your history. This helps us determine what level of service would assist you best.

 What to Expect at a Professionals Addiction Treatment Program

Attending an executive addiction treatment program allows you to go through the recovery process with people of similar backgrounds. Your personal recovery may include holistic and evidence-based therapies as well as treatment methods based on a Twelve Step approach.

Here are some of the treatment services we provide:

After your recovery, you’ll regain confidence in yourself once again. Ultimately, this makes you a better employee, family member, and friend.

Goals of the Professionals Treatment Program

In the professionals treatment program, you can address issues you may face when you return to your job. This includes rebuilding your professional practice or dealing with disciplinary matters. You may need to participate in a monitoring program, for example. Whatever you face, our continuing care program can provide coping tools and support.

Substance use disorders often involve co-occurring mental health concerns such as trauma, depression, and anxiety. Our integrated approach gives you access to mental health treatment that can help you discover why you began using drugs or alcohol in the first place.

What Is an Individualized Treatment Plan?

No one likes to feel like they are just another person in an inpatient addiction treatment program. At United Recovery California, we take our time during the initial assessment to get to know you. We’ll continue to monitor your progress and make necessary changes throughout your time with us. Professionals often experience unique roadblocks to recovery.

Your individual treatment plan will include any trauma from your past that stands in the way of sobriety. This might include blurred sexual identity, trauma, pain, poor body image, or addiction.

Learn what it means to take charge of your health, including eating nutritious meals, exercising regularly, and attending talk therapy to help you work through your substance use disorders and any co-occurring mental health disorder. An individual treatment plan includes recommendations for support groups, ongoing addiction therapy, and services designed specifically for professionals.

Learn More About Our Professionals Treatment Program in Southern California

For a professionals addiction treatment program that delves into your personal changes, come to United Recovery California. Our executive addiction treatment program provides the supervision, structure, and care you need to step away from substance abuse disorders and reclaim your life and career. Contact us at 855.923.3506 today for more information on enrolling in this program in Southern California.