Residential Program

Residential programs are a type of addiction treatment focused on holistic therapeutic approaches, which help inpatient clients receive round-the-clock support and re-learn vital coping mechanisms.

Residential rehab removes you from unhealthy environments or exposure to triggers that place you at risk of relapse. Let us help you by giving you the best chance at recovery with our complete residential rehab program.

Let’s look at what you can expect from our supportive inpatient services.

What is a Residential Rehab Program?

A residential rehab program is one of the best treatment approaches to help you or your loved one overcome addiction. This part of the addiction treatment process begins once the detox has been performed. This means that drugs or alcohol have already been removed from the body. As part of our inpatient program, you will remain at our medical and 12-step facility while receiving tailored treatment. We can help you with professional behavioral therapy and the chance to recover in a relaxing, comfortable environment where you feel safe.

A residential rehab aims to facilitate addiction recovery by taking you out of a possibly dysfunctional home environment and placing you into a rehabilitation medical facility. As part of your addiction rehabilitation treatment, you will receive monitoring, clinical therapy, and 24-hour assistance during your stay. The purpose of our round-the-clock support is to ensure that you have access to the help that you need when you feel discouraged, stressed, or cannot cope with intense cravings. If you attempted addiction treatment on an outpatient basis, you wouldn’t have access to the constant support and the range of clinical and alternative therapies to help you in residential rehab. The risk of relapsing in an outpatient approach to recovery is higher than in inpatient services.

As part of our unique approach to treatment, our clients can benefit from tailored programs and active participation in our recovery community. Our house treatment typically provides 30-45 days of addiction recovery, during which you will participate in a wide range of exciting activities and rewarding therapies. Our program includes group and individual therapy, each offering its own set of benefits to help you stay on the path to addiction recovery.

We believe in treating addiction and providing healthy and fun activities that motivate you to remain on the path to sobriety. Our treatment plan is tailored to your wellness needs. It includes aftercare and family support in which we encourage long-term mental and physical wellbeing for all those affected by substance addiction.

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The Benefits of a Residential Program

Compared to an outpatient treatment program, our residential recovery offers a safe residence where you can focus solely on your rehabilitation without being exposed to triggers or unsafe environments. We believe that every client should feel relaxed and without distractions to fully commit to healing and sober living.There is a greater success rate with inpatient programs than outpatient services because you cannot access the substance of choice once you enter inpatient treatment. You are provided tailored wellness programs and behavioral therapies in a 12-step facility to help you focus on your addiction recovery and prevent relapse, maintaining your recovery. The ongoing access to support and therapy provides the best chance of addiction recovery and sober living.

  • You will not have to travel to visit your therapist or receive treatment like you would if you attend outpatient services. This also reduces your exposure to triggers or former hangouts that would expose you to drugs or alcohol.
  • Our residential program supports safe addiction recovery treatment so that you can receive trusted and expert support services and wellness activities to improve your physical and mental health. Participation in our residential rehab offers confidentiality for the duration of therapy.
  • The road to recovery can be challenging, but with our support and our list of individual and group therapies, we can help you work towards long-term sobriety, which means the ability to complete your life goals.

Addictions we Treat as Part of Our Program

To help you on your road to addiction recovery, we provide monitored rehab programs that are facilitated in a clinical environment. Our team of addiction experts is here to help you and your loved one during this physically and mentally demanding process.

Alcohol Rehab Program

To effectively treat alcohol addiction, your rehabilitation starts with our alcohol detox program. During this period, alcohol is removed from the body under the guidance of professional and supportive medical staff. You will experience withdrawal symptoms and while many are apprehensive about the process, we assist every patient with emotional support, medical care, and therapy to facilitate a safe withdrawal.

Residential Alcohol Rehab

Drug Rehab Program

Our drug program is available for those addicted to both legal and illegal substances, including benzodiazepines, opioids and stimulants. We assist patients with medical intervention and therapeutic support to overcome withdrawal symptoms and the physical impact that can result from prolonged drug addiction. Our goal is to help you successfully enter treatment with a positive and hopeful mindset, so you have the best start to overcome addiction.

Residential Drug Rehab

Prescription Drug Rehab Program

For those addicted to prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines (Xanax), opiates (Fentanyl) and amphetamines (Ritalin), our program provides access to clinical experts and rehabilitation treatment that supports addiction recovery. We provide an educational approach informing patients of the process of withdrawal and unconditional support to quell fears surrounding withdrawal symptoms and prevent the possibility of relapsing.

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Before you Begin the Program

Before you can begin a rehab program, you may need a medical detox to ensure that you are fit and healthy to start receiving therapy. Our medical staff will perform a complete physical and mental health assessment to determine the direction for therapy, including preparation for safe addiction detoxification.

While being assessed, you will also discuss your preferred therapies and treatment techniques. According to our medical personnel and your personal preferences, your assessment will include what is necessary for your wellbeing. You will also discuss how we can include family therapy so that you can mend any relationships that addiction has broken.

Therapies We Provide

To help you remain sober and healthy, we offer many individualized and group behavioral therapies. As a 12 step facility, we also provide our clients with the structure, and professional support needed to overcome addiction and prevent relapse.

United Recovery specializes in traditional psychodynamic and behavioral therapy and alternative programs from chiropractic care to art and music therapies.

12 Step Therapy

Our 12 step therapy aligns with our recovery community programs in which group support helps you understand the recovery journey and overcome addiction. The approach is used to treat various addictions, including those involving alcohol, drugs, and prescription medication. During the 12 step treatment process, we help you build a positive self-image, encourage self-acceptance and introduce the tools needed to make positive changes in your life.

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Group Therapy

Our community involvement and group therapy will help you discover positive communication skills in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Guided by our professional therapist, you are encouraged to engage with others of similar experiences and circumstances. Group therapy helps you accept that you are not alone and essential for your recovery journey.

More on Group Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individualized therapy aims to treat emotional issues and mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. You are also taught practical coping skills and steps to handle stress or challenges in your life, so you stay on the path to addiction recovery. Therapy focuses on minimizing the risk of relapse and actions to readjust to daily life after addiction treatment.

Harm-reducation Therapy
Motivational Therapy
Trauma Therapy
Cognitive Therapy

Individual therapy is facilitated by our experienced therapist, in which you will work one-on-one with them to overcome personal problems, traumas, and addiction triggers. We offer a variety of therapies, including CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), Harm Reduction Therapy, MET, Trauma Therapy, and Relapse Prevention.

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Activities & Alternative Therapies

We offer fun activities and alternative therapies to help you with a holistic approach to recovery and wellness. These include holistic therapy, music therapy, and art therapy. Our natural and supportive practices range from chiropractor sessions and deep massage therapy to yoga and meditation. We encourage participation in the wide range of services available at our facility because it provides physical and psychological support. It helps you find relaxation and motivation in a safe setting where your best interests are at the forefront of the addiction recovery process.

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Aftercare & Recovery Programs

One of the most critical aspects of addiction treatment is helping individuals adjust to a life outside of rehab. We take great pride in providing supportive aftercare and recovery programs in which you can learn how to reintegrate into your daily home life and society.

Through recovery and aftercare, you can learn how to build confidence in your capabilities and focus on your life goals by meeting with a professional therapist and attending support group programs as you adjust to a healthier life free from addiction.

A long-term recovery plan provides the greatest chance to prevent relapse and live the life you envision for yourself.

Our aftercare and support services provide the steps you can take to prevent relapsing while focusing on mending relationships and improving your physical and mental health.

At United Recovery Project, we ensure that we tailor each person’s treatment to their unique needs at our substance use treatment program. Each person faces different challenges, allowing them to work through past trauma, family conflict, and mental health conditions. These challenges can be obstacles that can deter a person’s recovery. Fortunately, an addiction therapy program can give each person the care they need to work through these difficulties with the help of an expert therapist. United Recovery Program can provide each patient the support they need to recover with our therapy programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does the rehab program last?

The minimum treatment length is 28 days and may include a medical detox. Depending on the severity of addiction, rehab can last between 60-90 days, but this will be determined by a professional medical assessment and your commitment to completing the recovery program.

Can I stay longer?

Yes, we offer extended rehabilitation programs for those interested in additional support. Speak to us about your options, and we will work with you to find a program that best fits your needs.

How does therapy work?

Once you have completed detox, you will meet with professional counselors and therapists in which your mental health is assessed and a suitable treatment program created. You will receive a timetable that details the length of each session, including the times for each meeting and counseling session. Through the course of the addiction recovery program, you will work with therapists, attend group meetings, and participate in our range of fun and supportive activities to help you maintain your future sobriety.

Can I leave early?

Yes, but only those who complete the program will receive access to aftercare and alumni. Furthermore, we do not provide refunds if you do not complete the addiction recovery program.

As dedicated addiction specialists, we aim to provide a safe environment for the ideal start of your addiction recovery.

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