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how long does opiate rehab take

How Long Does Opiate Rehab Take?

Opioid addiction can be taxing, but does it take a long time to recover? Before you can answer that question, you need to understand what opioids do to the body and what recovery entails. Most people start with recognizing that a problem exists and then getting treatment at a drug addiction rehab, specifically an opiate…

why send your loved one to a luxury alcohol rehab center

Why Send Your Loved One to a Luxury Alcohol Rehab Center?

Getting treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is an essential step in the recovery process. Receiving treatment in a setting that seems comfortable and familiar can be beneficial. Luxury rehab allows clients to receive therapy in a beautiful setting. If you are wondering why you should consider sending your loved one to a luxury alcohol…

common signs of meth overdoes & meth addiction treatment

Common Signs of Meth Overdose: What You Should Do

Methamphetamine continues to be one of the leading causes of drug overdose in this country. It’s essential that families and friends of those who use this drug know the common signs of an overdose and what to do if it happens, including when to consider drug addiction rehab. A meth addiction treatment program often includes…

celebrating national drug and alcohol recovery month

Celebrating National Drug & Alcohol Recovery Month

September is National Drug and Alcohol Recovery Month, a chance to raise awareness about substance use disorders and celebrate those in recovery. Throughout the month, organizations around the country produce information campaigns and show that recovery is possible for those with an addiction. Luxury treatment programs like United Recovery California can help it happen through…

lgbtq addiction treatment center

What to Expect at an LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Center

Studies show that substance use disorders are significantly higher in the LGBTQ community. With this in mind, many rehabs, including United Recovery California, offer LGBTQ-friendly luxury addiction treatment programs. An LGBTQ addiction treatment center focuses on the unique challenges these individuals face. What should you expect from an LGBTQ addiction treatment center? Why Consider an LGBTQ…

professionals addiction treatment program southern california

Recognizing the Need for a Professional’s Addiction Treatment Program

Those with professional careers like doctors or lawyers are as much at risk for substance abuse disorders as anyone. You could argue that for some professionals, the risk is more significant. Doctors, for example, have access to addictive medications that many do not. Corporate executives may drink during business events. How can you tell if…

why be part of a rehab alumni program southern california

Why Be a Part of Rehab Alumni?

While rehabilitation is often brief, addiction can have a long-term influence on many aspects of your life. As a result, luxury treatment programs frequently provide alumni groups to those who have completed therapy. Alumni stay connected to a critical support system while they continue on the road to recovery. A rehab alumni program can play…

benefits of rehab aftercare

Overcoming Relapse: Benefits of Rehab Aftercare

A rehab aftercare program is a critical part of comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment for many reasons, but overcoming relapse tops the list. As the name suggests, rehab aftercare comes after a person completes a luxury treatment program. So what is aftercare, and how does it help overcome relapse? United Recovery California can guide you…

what is holistic drug detox

What Is Holistic Drug Detox?

When people envision a medical detox center, they may think of doctors and therapists treating clients in a sterile, clinical setting. However, that approach fell out of favor long ago. In contemporary rehab centers, such as United Recovery California, you can count on more luxurious settings and comprehensive care that combines evidence-based talk therapy programs…