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Those with professional careers like doctors or lawyers are as much at risk for substance abuse disorders as anyone. You could argue that for some professionals, the risk is more significant. Doctors, for example, have access to addictive medications that many do not. Corporate executives may drink during business events. How can you tell if someone needs a professional’s addiction treatment program, though? Fortunately, United Recovery California can guide individuals through the benefits of an executive treatment program.

Signs Someone You Know Needs Treatment

Not every person that drinks alcohol or does drugs requires treatment. That can make figuring out if someone in your life has an addiction difficult. Some patterns and signs can indicate the need for these services, though, such as:

  • They go through withdrawal when they don’t drink or do drugs.
  • Their behavior changes. They may disappear for long periods or miss important meetings or events.
  • They may smell funny. It could be due to poor hygiene, something that tends to fall by the wayside with addiction. It could also be residue from the drugs or alcohol.
  • They may have skin problems. For example, certain drugs can trigger rashes or itching.

It is often family and friends that are the first to notice symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse. But, for professionals, it might be the people that work with them. They can help them get into a professional addiction treatment program.

What Is a Professional’s Addiction Treatment Program?

There are a variety of treatment programs out there, many targeted to a specific group of people. There are programs for adolescents, for example, or gender-specific treatment centers.

Lawyers, legislators, business executives, doctors, and others in the healthcare field may struggle with drugs and alcohol. Professionals-only drug and alcohol rehab programs give a level of care that is separate from non-professionals in treatment.

A professional or executive treatment program focuses on those in a specific industry or job level. For instance, there are treatments available just for medical professionals or for CEOs. It allows these individuals to enter treatment with others in the same profession or industry. There are many benefits to choosing this specialty service.

What Are the Benefits of a Professionals Addiction Treatment Program?

All addiction treatment programs are private by design, but those dedicated to professionals take it to the next level. Executive treatment can allow some people to continue to work with limited participation. Often professionals can not simply disconnect from their jobs. They need treatment that will enable them some contact.

Professionals and executives may be public figures, too. Attending an executive addiction treatment program can help reduce the amount of press, so they can focus on getting help and finding a path to recovery.

Often, professionals addiction treatment programs have luxury amenities that cater to the lifestyle executives are used to so they can feel more at home.

Learn More About United Recovery California’s Executive Treatment

If you are looking for an executive treatment program in Southern California, we can help. United Recovery California offers a luxury environment and a holistic approach to care. Our services include:

  • Luxury amenities in mansions and villas
  • Gender-specific treatment
  • An LBGTQ-friendly program
  • Residential treatment
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Aftercare and alumni services

We understand that professionals may have different needs, and we take the steps necessary to provide them with the required privacy and freedom to find long-lasting recovery. We also offer luxury amenities that include state-of-the-art kitchens, pools, game rooms, and spacious living and dining areas. Your health, comfort, and privacy are our utmost concern.

Professionals deserve a targeted approach to drug and alcohol treatment. That is what we offer at United Recovery California. Give us a call at 855.923.3506 or connect with us via our contact form to find out more.

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