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why be part of a rehab alumni program southern california

While rehabilitation is often brief, addiction can have a long-term influence on many aspects of your life. As a result, luxury treatment programs frequently provide alumni groups to those who have completed therapy. Alumni stay connected to a critical support system while they continue on the road to recovery. A rehab alumni program can play an essential role in relapse prevention and successful recovery, which is why United Recovery California makes alumni programs part of our spectrum of care.

What Is a Rehab Alumni Program?

A rehab alumni program is how clients who complete treatment keep in touch with their counselors and other clients they meet while in therapy. Alumni services can vary from place to place, but some everyday things you get access to include:

  • Regular communication with staff
  • Sober social activities
  • Education programs
  • Help to locate 12-step or peer meetings
  • Encouragement

It’s someone to call when you are fighting urges or trying to avoid triggers.

What Types of Activities Do You Find in Alumni Services?

That, too, will vary from program to program. Often they sponsor social events like going to plays or sports such as bowling or softball. In addition, you may participate in online social groups. Alumni services are also a chance to give back to the sober community by mentoring others in treatment.

Ultimately, it’s not about what you do but that you have this support network that grows daily. It gives you a chance to make new friends, ones that support your sober lifestyle. You also can rebuild your sense of self with the encouragement of others who understand the struggle and applaud your recovery.

Volunteering in the community can build gratitude and mindfulness in individuals. It’s a chance to honor their treatment by giving their time to others. Volunteering gives people the sense that they have a purpose and that they can help. Volunteering also allows you to build new skill sets by working with others in recovery.

Do All Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs Offer Alumni Services?

No, but it is something you should look for when shopping for treatment programs. Offering alumni services should make a rehab stand out as one that cares about supporting clients whether they are still working towards recovery or have moved on from the program.

Ideally, the website for the rehab will state whether they offer alumni services. If not, ask to verify. If they don’t, keep looking for one that better suits your needs.

Is Alumni Services and Aftercare the Same Thing?

They are both vital but not the same thing. Aftercare refers to continuing care. It’s more about ensuring you have the resources you need to sustain long-term recoveries, such as a place to live that supports your sobriety and a job.

Alumni services are more what you would expect when you graduate a college and become alumni. You are tied to that program for life and can benefit from it. It’s more of a social situation than aftercare.

Take Part in Alumni Service at United Recovery California

At United Recovery California, we consider our alumni to be very special people. Our rehab alumni program in Southern California includes educational and social events, both local and national. We offer resources to our graduates that no one else has access to, such as private group chats and monthly meetings.

Along with alumni services, we provide:

  • Luxury amenities in mansions and villas
  • Gender-specific treatment
  • An LBGTQ-friendly program
  • Residential treatment
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Aftercare and alumni services

Ensure you include an alumni program in Southern California on your must-have list when looking for drug rehab. To find out more about United Recovery California, give us a call at 855.923.3506 or connect with us via our contact form.

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