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Benzodiazepines (benzos) are commonly prescribed drugs for the treatment of conditions such as anxiety and seizures. Yet, they also carry a risk for abuse and addiction. Seeking a drug addiction rehab center can help you overcome these challenges and get back to living a healthy lifestyle. Our benzo addiction treatment program at United Recovery California offers the tools and resources you need to start on the right path forward.

Signs You Could Benefit from a Benzo Addiction Treatment Program

benzo rehab southern californiaRecognizing the signs of an addiction to benzos can be challenging. Most using these substances do so to control other health needs, such as insomnia or anxiety. You shouldn’t stop using them without working with a doctor to do so. Symptoms like these may indicate it’s time to seek out addiction help:

  • Running out of a prescription medication too soon
  • Feeling anxious and craving the next dose before it is time to do so
  • Using someone else’s medication
  • Purchasing these drugs from multiple doctors and pharmacies to have numerous prescriptions
  • Feeling intense pain or the onset of anxiety when not using them

Other medications do not create an addiction that may be available to you. If you are worried about addiction, reach out to your prescribing doctor for more insight and support. If you know you have developed an addiction, our team can offer support for you right away.

How a Benzo Addiction Treatment Center in Southern California Can Alter Your Future

Benzo addiction can worsen over time. By reaching out for help today, you’ll reduce those risks and increase your opportunities for healing. For that to happen, it’s critical to take action. It starts with an assessment, a type of exam that considers both your physical and mental health needs right now. Our team provides this to help determine the type and level of care you need to beat benzo addiction for good.

Some of our substance abuse treatment programs include:

Through these programs, you’ll work hand-in-hand with people who can help you overcome the pain you feel. You’ll learn how to heal and recover from benzo addiction one day at a time, surrounded by a beautiful campus and dedicated professionals. Most importantly, you’ll find yourself. Many people with benzo addiction don’t know what’s happening to them, especially if they feel they need to use benzos for health needs. There is a way forward that does not rely on these addictive drugs.

What Makes Our Benzo Rehab Center So Different?

Our luxury treatment center is available to you as a gender-specific treatment program. In this program, you’ll have access to exceptional amenities and ample support. You can do this with the support you’ll receive here. That’s because we offer an individualized treatment program for you. It’s one that’s tailored to what you’re facing, giving you every tool and resource you need to beat benzo addiction.

We stick with you for the long term, too. That includes aftercare and alumni programs. We provide you with sober living support to get you back on your feet. Relapse prevention and life skills training help you to get back to living a better life.

With innovative treatment programs, including equine therapy and master-level clinicians, you’ll be in the best place possible to achieve health and wellness. Benzo addiction treatment starts with working with our team.

Invest in Your Health Now – Call United Recovery California

A benzo addiction treatment program creates an opportunity for you to start over, build strength, and achieve health. Our team at United Recovery California offers the tools and resources to make that happen. So get ready to change your future. Call us at 855.923.3506 or connect with us now online.