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dual diagnosis treatment program californiaOur dual diagnosis treatment program can provide hope, support, and recovery for people who are ready to start a life free from drug or alcohol use and mental health conditions. United Recovery Project recognizes the need to address mental health conditions and addiction concurrently in order for treatment to be effective. This level of care allows patients to begin healing and growing after treatment. It also gives each patient the tools that they need to remain sober outside of substance abuse treatment. For more information about how our program for dual diagnosis treatment in southern California can support recovery, please contact United Recovery Project today at 855.923.3506.

How Often Do Mental Health Conditions and Addiction Co-Occur?

Research from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration suggests that in 2019, nearly 9.5 million adults in the United States suffer from both mental health conditions and addiction. In contrast, about 9.7 million people had an addiction but did not have a mental health condition. Alternatively, close to 42 million people had just a mental health condition but not an addiction.

A person’s substance use may have contributed to their development of a mental health condition. However, it is equally likely that a person’s mental health condition may have led a person to use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Regardless of what condition led to the other, experts now recognize that dual diagnosis treatment is imperative for long-term recovery. If a person only chooses to seek treatment for their addiction, their mental health symptoms will return unabated. The temptation to return to drug or alcohol use for symptom relief will be significant, as they often will not have the tools they need to manage these urges.

Alternatively, an individual may consider getting treatment for their mental health condition without seeking treatment for their addiction. However, this option is equally dangerous, as continuing to use drugs or alcohol can lead to the development of new or worsening mental health symptoms.

The best possible choice is to attend a treatment center that offers dual diagnosis treatment. Our luxury addiction treatment option addresses both of the conditions simultaneously, giving the individual the best possible chance for long-term recovery.

Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

As with many of our inpatient treatment programs, dual diagnosis treatment offers participants a range of benefits. One of the most significant benefits is that dual diagnosis treatment patients often stay sober for more extended periods, as this treatment option allows most patients to avoid relapse. Additionally, this treatment offers a variety of additional benefits, including:

  • Comprehensive mental health assessment
  • Enables patients to develop coping mechanisms for both conditions
  • Allows individuals to plan for the future
  • Shows patients that they are not alone in battling either condition

When patients know that they have the coping mechanisms and support system that they need to combat their condition, they often feel empowered to control their future. To learn more about the benefits of a dual diagnosis treatment program at United Recovery Project, please contact our team today.

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No one should have to struggle with mental health conditions and addiction on their own. At United Recovery Project, we strive to offer support to each person in our program. We also provide a variety of treatment methods, including:

Dual diagnosis treatment can offer patients the support and tools they need to put an end to their addiction. To learn about how a person can benefit from dual diagnosis treatment, please contact United Recovery Project today at 855.923.3506.