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Opioid abuse reached epidemic proportions over the last few decades. Addictions for both prescribed and illicit drugs continue to cause dependencies that require opioid addiction treatment. Given the prevalence and potency of opioids, individuals struggling with addiction need professional support to heal and recover. A drug addiction treatment program at United Recovery California can help that person in your life find recovery from their opioid use disorder.

What Are Opioids?

opioid addiction treatment programOpioids are a class of drugs that connect to key receptors in the brain to trigger the release of dopamine, a chemical that makes you feel good. Dopamine is the body’s way of encouraging you to do good things for yourself, such as exercise or have sex. It is a system that doesn’t work perfectly, though. Opioid use also triggers the release of dopamine to make you feel good. It’s that feeling that many people call getting high. The release of dopamine and the feeling that comes with it or supposed to drive you to do good things for yourself. It backfires with opioid use, and people end up craving the drug. Over time, the receptors in the brain stop responding to anything but the drug, too. So, if you want to feel good, nothing else will get you there but drug use.

What Is an Opioid Addiction Treatment Program?

A substance abuse treatment center helps those with an opioid use disorder. There are different programs available, but, in general, they all use therapeutic methods to help someone into recovery. Recovery is a lifelong process, so many programs serve as a resource even after the treatment stops. That kind of aftercare is an important part of an opioid treatment program. Other things to look for include individualized care plans and dual diagnosis treatment. Both help to prevent relapse.

How Can You Tell If Someone Needs Treatment?

There are tale-tell signs of opioid abuse. Some people exhibit just one or two of them, while others may have more symptoms. Withdrawal is a key indicator. Withdrawal occurs when someone stops using a drug. The chemicals in their brain become out of balance. That makes them feel sick and is usually a sign they need an opioid rehab center in southern California or another area. Other warning sides might include:

  • Changes in sleep habits
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Repeated bouts of flu-like symptoms
  • Changes in hygiene
  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Money problems
  • Stealing

Since opioid abuse can include prescription medications, family members might also notice their own medication is missing, especially for pain.

The Opioid Addiction Treatment Program at United Recovery California

United Recovery California is an opioid addiction treatment center in Southern California. We offer a unique program, one that provides you with luxury amenities along with support and treatment. We believe healing is something anyone can achieve with the right support. At United Recovery California, we offer:

All available in a comfortable, luxurious setting. While in our luxury treatment programs, our clients enjoy large living spaces and even a pool. We also provide gender-specific therapy options and are LQBTQ-friendly. While you are with us, you can take part in traditional opioid addiction treatments like cognitive-behavior therapy. Clients will also find alternative treatments like art, music, and equine therapy. We take day trips to the local beaches, too, for fun and relaxation. We believe most people have what it takes to find their way to recovery with a little help. Our staff works to make that journey more comfortable. If someone you love needs an opioid rehab center in southern California, call us at 855.923.3506. You can also go online and fill out our contact form. United Recovery California is here to help.