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Our behavioral healthcare facilities are located in Laguna Hills and offer addiction detox and rehabilitation programs. While undergoing treatment with us, our specialised teams will provide you with the attention you deserve, because we operate at a very low client-to-staff ratio. What’s more, we pride ourselves on our personalized treatment plans as they offer tailored benefits depending on your life, your history, and your individual story of addiction. When you choose to begin your recovery with us, you also choose our purpose-built, en-suite bedrooms that are fully equipped for a fulfilling stay.

Here, you can enjoy wholesome relaxation after a fulfilling day with our therapists and dedicated counselors. If you are struggling and need help with addiction, contact us – we can arrange an immediate admission.

Features & Benefits

Enjoy a nurturing environment for your addiction rehabilitation and therapy. We provide a complete therapeutic experience based on the 12-step method, but improved with a variety of innovative therapies.


Our Laguna Hills facilities are equipped with a large yard which allows for sports and sharing moments together with your peers. We believe in recovery through sharing and trust, so we created an intimate setting to help you create new, positive memories.


Recover from addiction within a safe & secure environment, surrounded by calm and tranquillity. Our highly skilled medical team can facilitate a supervised detox to help ease symptoms of withdrawal, before you commence your holistic treatment plan.

A Fresh Start

We know recovery continues after you leave our center, so we offer you the option of continued support. With our extended rehab options and aftercare, we will stay with you until you feel safe and are equipped with the right tools to enjoy your new, sober life.

Dependence is not the end, it is just a hurdle for which you need to prepare. Like an Olympic runner, by exercising and learning new techniques – you can overcome all difficulties.

Believe in Yourself

We believe in you because you have come so far! Looking for assistance is a big step on the path to recovery, and you have successfully taken up the task of healing from your dependence. The start of your complete recovery is acknowledging you have a problem, and you have already achieved this. Now, it’s our responsibility to help you reach your goals. The programs at our behavioral center will help you build a strong base for realizing your dreams.

Key Features

Insurance Check

We can assist you by confirming your policy’s coverage.

Extended Care

Extended rehabilitation includes counselling sessions, group meetings, one-to-one therapies.

Free Aftercare

Everyone who completes their rehabilitation with us will receive complimentary aftercare.

Recognised provider

We have multiple certifications and work with most insurance policies. Contact for details.

Why Choose United Recovery California?

We are a team of believers – we believe in the strength of those who have decided to change and remove addiction from their lives. As most of us have been through detox and rehab ourselves, we can understand the tight grip of these substances. It is strong, forceful, frightening, and overwhelming. But we can fight it off by using the accumulated knowledge of our team, your personal experience, and the proven methods our experts use during treatment.

With our intimate knowledge of dependency, we can help you heal and rediscover the benefits of a sober life. We don’t claim to know your personal experiences, though, as every person’s story is different.

Because you are an individual, with a unique experience of addiction, we focus our rehabilitation on individualized therapies and counseling methods. We will work with you to choose the best solutions. We will uncover the underlying causes of your addiction and create healthy coping mechanisms. We will build a stronger, more confident You who will be able to work towards your dreams without turning to any harmful substance.

Our comprehensive treatment programs focus on all aspects of the recovery process, including:

  • Mental health
  • Physical healing
  • Medical needs
  • Emotional support

Our programs are designed to empower the person, body, mind, and soul. You and us – we will build a reliable, safe set of ideals and beliefs which will help you regain control over your life, and rebuild any burnt bridges.

The United Recovery California Laguna Hills teams welcome you.

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