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Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

Oxycodone is a potent pain reliever, but it has also become a problem drug of epidemic proportions. Not only does the misuse of oxycodone negatively affect your health and relationships, but it can also lead to addiction.

Should you find yourself battling an oxycodone addiction, it is essential that you reach out for professional help before you place your life at risk.

At United Recovery, we offer complete oxycodone addiction treatment and rehab to help you live a drug-free lifestyle.
This guide looks at the treatment programs and support services we provide as part of our tailored rehabilitation plans.

Getting Help for Oxycodone Addiction

The problem with this drug is its intense psychological addiction. As it acts on the brain’s receptors, you feel a strong compulsion to continue to use. Your addiction may take over every aspect of your life, from your job performance to your relationship, as you’re driven to use oxycodone. You may also find yourself using more than the prescribed dose as your body develops tolerance. This can lead to an overdose, placing your life at risk.

This is why it is vital to seek help as soon as you notice problem use, or medication abuse, when it comes to you, or your loved one’s, oxycodone usage. You can find initial support and information via:

  • Your GP
  • An addiction hotline
  • Private substance rehabilitation provider such as United Recovery
  • A charitable organization in your area
  • Mobile apps for therapy and treatment

How We Treat Oxycodone Addiction & Abuse

To help you with oxycodone addiction and abuse, we offer safe detox in our medical facility and under the guidance of professional clinical staff. With round-the-clock monitoring, you can detox and better cope with the withdrawal process as the use of oxycodone is reduced and stopped.

Withdrawal symptoms from oxycodone can include nausea and general discomfort, but with medication, these effects can be alleviated and managed until you are sober. Owing to the psychological addiction caused by the pain medication, we offer treatment through inpatient rehab once you have successfully performed an addiction detox. Our rehabilitation program is based on our unique approach to therapy and supporting the recovery process.

Treating oxycodone abuse and addiction requires the support and monitoring you receive from our therapists, group therapy, and community of individuals in recovery. At United Recovery, we offer different types of treatment, including a 12 step model to give you the best possible start on your road to sobriety.

Types of Programs

Because oxycodone is highly addictive and a prescription drug, overcoming dependence without professional treatment and support can be incredibly challenging. When you enter our specialized oxycodone rehab program, we address addiction's underlying psychological and physical aspects with individual, group, and holistic therapy. Let’s look at what you can expect from our addiction program:

Detox Program

Our detox program for opiates is designed so that you will suffer the fewest withdrawal symptoms while cleansing your body from the traces of any opiate drug you have been taking. For oxycodone addiction, we have medical staff available 24/7 and monitoring all processes while you are undergoing the detoxification phase.

Detox Program

Residential Program

During rehab, you will have a calm and relaxing environment in which you can recover from your opiate addiction. Oxycodone takes a toll on our mental health, so you will receive a mixture of behavioral, holistic, and traditional therapies. Our addiction counselors will focus on building up your confidence and working towards new coping mechanisms alongside you.

Residential Program

Extended Rehab Program

We offer aftercare sessions for all who complete our oxycodone addiction treatment and rehab programs. This includes sessions, counseling, and group meetings. We can also advise you on available support groups and fellowship options near you.

Extended Rehab Program

Why Choose United Recovery CA for Oxycodone Rehab?

  • We provide holistic programs for individual clients
  • Rehab includes our 12 step programs
  • We do not believe in a one fits all approach to therapy
  • Our expert staff are readily available to help you
  • We offer a combination of individual, group, and alternative therapies
  • Complete a safe detox at our rehab facility

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How Long Does Oxycodone Rehab Last?

Oxycodone falls into the opiate class of drugs, creating both a physical and psychological addiction. The body becomes dependent on the drug as the use of Oxy or Perc changes the responsiveness of the opioid receptors in the brain and central nervous system. Individuals start to believe that they cannot function normally without oxycodone, leading to using more of the substance more frequently. This builds tolerance, and if you try to reduce or quit using, it leads to withdrawal symptoms.

To help you overcome addiction’s physical and psychological aspects, we recommend a longer program to achieve the best outcomes. Treatment for opiate addiction typically lasts 12 months or longer. During this time, individuals are taught necessary coping and life skills, relapse prevention, and steps to live a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. Our addiction treatment focuses on preparing you for life outside of rehab.

When it comes to the specific detox, rehab and secondary care, treatment lengths vary between a month and five months of active treatment. However, as long as you are still sober and in control, you will have to be aware and actively seeking ways to abstain from Oxycodone use.

Therapies used to Treat Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone is considered a semi-synthetic opioid commonly used to treat severe and acute pain. It is not recommended for chronic pain because it is one of the most misused prescription drugs in the world. It goes by the street names Perc, Oxy, and Roxy and acts on the opioid receptors in the brain and central nervous system. Because the drug provides such rapid pain relief, it produces pleasurable sensations, which is why so many people become addicted.

Group Therapy

We create a safe and supportive environment where every individual can participate in group sessions. Through group activity, you can share your experiences and personal struggles with oxycodone addiction while learning about others who may share similar encounters and struggles. Our group therapy is about community involvement in the recovery process to ensure you feel validated and valued.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an essential part of addiction treatment and recovery. From our alternative therapists, such as chiropractors and nutrition counselors, to our behaviorists, individual sessions are tailored to address your unique needs. Individual support is based on the nature of your addiction and whether underlying psychological conditions need to be treated.

One-on-one therapy involves meeting with a professional counselor in which you explore the reasons for addiction, ways of identifying triggers and learning new ways of coping with life’s stress and challenges. We offer psychodynamic therapies – a type of talk therapy to treat addiction and underlying mental health conditions.

Alternative Therapies

For effective recovery from addiction, you need to learn new skills, including relaxation and stress management. For those who have used oxycodone for pain, supportive therapy can introduce a natural means of providing relief while strengthening the mind and body connection.

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Long Term Recovery from Oxycodone Addiction

In 2013, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that around 9.9% of individuals aged 18-25 had abused oxycodone compared to the 6% of individuals over 26 years old. The drug also saw the highest rate of deaths between 2003-2009. These alarming statistics have called for a comprehensive approach to oxycodone treatment which includes long-term inpatient rehab to help individuals avoid the triggers responsible for relapsing and overdosing.

At United Recovery, we value the life of every individual who walks through our doors. We also know how dangerous oxycodone addiction is and therefore offer oxycodone rehabilitation to help you work towards your health and happiness away from the prescription drug.

As part of our rehabilitation program, we offer aftercare and support groups, such as our Alumni, for those affected by oxycodone addiction. We show you how to adjust to daily life outside of inpatient rehab through life skills training and coping strategies. We also encourage you to attend regular support group meetings after your addiction treatment because it is vital to learn how to cope constructively and prevent relapse.

By reaching out to us for help, we are here to assist with the recovery and rehabilitation you need from oxycodone.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are medications used during opiate addiction treatment?

For those managing recovery from opiate addiction, long-term withdrawal symptoms can cause pain and discomfort. Medication is only used to assist patients affected by the ongoing symptoms of oxycodone addiction.

Does my insurance cover Oxycodone rehab?

It is key to contact your insurance provider to determine whether you will receive full or partial coverage for your addiction treatment.

Do you offer dual diagnosis treatment?

Yes, we offer dual diagnosis treatment because one cannot fully recover from addiction unless the underlying psychological healthcare issues are addressed. Dual diagnosis helps us to identify the addiction and mental or emotional problems.

What happens when I arrive at the treatment center?

When you get to the treatment center, our staff will introduce themselves and welcome you to the environment. They will then perform a check of both mental and physical health to assist in creating.

Is Inpatient Treatment Necessary?

As oxycodone is part of the opiate drug category, it creates a high addiction rate by interfering with the brain’s opioid receptors. This makes it harder to quit and increases the risk of relapsing. Inpatient treatment removes you from environments where oxycodone would be easy to access and helps you focus on recovery.

What Is Considered Oxycodone Abuse?

You are using more of the drug than what was prescribed by your doctor, increasing the frequency of use or using outside of the prescription, and using the substance in a way other than what is originally intended. If you or a loved one is affected by oxycodone addiction, don’t wait until it is too late for treatment. Reach out to us where we believe in providing a safe environment for all.

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