Opiate Rehab

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Opiate Addiction Treatment

You might be familiar with the names Oxycodone, Vicodin, and Codeine. These are all opioids and prescription pain killers that are highly addictive when used over a long-term period. Unfortunately, once dependent on opioids, it can be near impossible to quit using them without professional help. If you find yourself in the challenging position of opioid addiction. In that case, treatment is available, and it starts with the motivation to want to get better and prevent its negative consequences on your life.

Opioid addiction treatment is offered with United Recovery. We are a medical facility providing tailored rehab and recovery programs to help you safely quit the use of prescription pain medication.

In our guide to treating opiate addiction, we explore the effects of addiction, the process of opiate detox and rehab, and what to expect with our aftercare and support services, such as our lifetime Alumni community, for your recovery.

Getting Help for Opiate Addiction

Opiates consist of a group of prescription medications usually issued to patients after surgery, injury, or the presentation of a chronic condition. The problem with opiates is that it is highly addictive and habit-forming. When you start using medication and experience relief, the body begins to depend on it to feel relaxed and good. The more you use, the more tolerant you become, which means you need to increase the amount of substance to reach the original pain-relieving effect.

Unfortunately, tolerance also leads to withdrawal when you quit using opiates. You may find yourself craving the drug when you’re not actively using it. Your health is affected by dizziness, chronic nausea, slow respiration, and the inability to manage the underlying cause for pain properly.

When your drug-seeking behavior spirals out of control to the point that you neglect your family, friends, work, and responsibilities to get more of the substance, it is time to find professional addiction treatment. The clinical signs of addiction include tolerance and withdrawal, hiding the habit, seeking multiple prescriptions to maintain the pattern, and continued use of the drug despite experiencing negative consequences.

If you need opiate addiction treatment, speak to us at United Recovery. We specialize in rehabilitation for prescription medication, including opiates. Our team is ready to support you with the professional care you need to overcome addiction.

How We Treat Opiate Addiction & Abuse

To treat opiate addiction and abuse, every patient must first detox. Detox is removing the substance from the body and proceeding with therapy once sobriety and balance are achieved.

Detox is performed in our state-of-the-art facility, where you receive constant monitoring from our clinical staff. We recommend detox in rehabilitation because of the high potential for relapse. Detox from opiates can lead to uncomfortable symptoms, including headaches, nausea, trembling, secretive use of prescription medication, social withdrawal, mood instability, and financial difficulties. Tolerance and withdrawal symptoms are also experienced with opiate addiction.

The mind and body are prepared to enter into rehab and commit to a recovery plan through detox. We offer monitored detox and will help you with unpleasant symptoms that would affect the detox outcome. Our experienced and clinical staff are available to monitor your health and provide any medication you may need during withdrawal. Once detox is completed, you will enter a rehabilitation program.

Opiate Addictions We Treat

We treat the following opiate addictions:

Detox Program

Detoxification will help you cleanse your body from any harmful substances. Even if you have been using multiple drugs or have been abusing alcohol in addition to your opiate use, we can help you sober up and be ready for the rehab phase.

Detox Program

Residential Program

The residential rehab phase comes after detoxification. During this period, you will attend therapy, counseling sessions and participate in group therapies. We will create a unique, tailored treatment schedule for you so that your individual situation can be best-managed and handled. We believe in you!

Residential Program

Extended Rehab Program

Extended rehab usually means our aftercare and Alumni programs. We offer you counseling and therapy for a period after you complete your rehab with us. Free of charge as part of your recovery. In addition, we have an Alumni network that will help you find like-minded individuals and feel in the right place during your return to everyday tasks and responsibilities.

Extended Rehab Program

Why Choose United Recovery CA for Opiate Addiction Treatment?

  • We offer long-term rehabilitation to help with opiate treatment and recovery.
  • We provide monitored detox
  • We offer both inpatient and outpatient services
  • Our therapies include individual and group addiction treatment
  • We provide a safe, caring, and non-judgmental environment

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How Long Does Opiate Rehab Last?

Opiates change the way our brain works. As we become dependent on it for pain relief and relaxation, it alters how we respond to pain, making the drug more addictive and more accessible to abuse.

When chemical changes occur in the brain, it can take a long time before physical dependence is overcome. United Recovery offers a rehabilitation and recovery program in which we focus on long-term care for our clients. Comprehensive rehabilitation lasting from a few months up to a year provides the best chance if you have an opiate addiction.

We help you work through months of intense cravings and the possibility of relapse. We also teach you to cope with pain through alternative therapy, including chiropractor care and deep massage, among other long-term wellness activities. The goal is to reduce your reliance on prescription medication by improving your mental fortitude and physical well-being.

Therapies used to Treat Opiate Addiction

When you are ready to seek opiate addiction treatment, United Recovery offers a wide range of rehabilitation services you can trust.

Group Sessions

Participation in group sessions can help you learn from others going through similar experiences. This includes attendance of group support meetings and reliance on a sponsor as part of your ongoing recovery.

Individual Sessions

Individual therapy is an essential part of overcoming addiction and abuse. Our unique treatment consists of behavioral therapies such as CBT and psychodynamic therapy.

Holistic Treatment

Recovery from drugs is as much a physical journey as a psychological one. Our holistic treatment focuses on improving your well-being through nutrition counseling, art therapy, massage, and even yoga.

Do You Need Help?

United Recovery CA is a residential rehab facility with 24/7 staff at your service. We are here for you!

Opioids vs. Opiates

Opiates and opioids are often used interchangeably as both treat pain; however, there is a difference between the two.

Opioids consist of natural, semi-synthetic, and synthetic types of opioids and include Vicodin and OxyContin. Opioids are sometimes referred to as narcotics; however, it only consists of prescribed medication and not over-the-counter pills.

Opiates include natural opioids such as heroin and codeine.

Long Term Recovery from Opiate Use Disorder

There is an opiate, and opioid epidemic in the US as the number of people seeking treatment and cases of overdoses is on the rise. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals that more than 2 million Americans seek treatment for prescription drug abuse yearly. With numbers continuing to increase, it is concerning that many people who have opiate addiction have not come forward to receive treatment.

At United Recovery, we understand that it can be hard to reach out when addicted to prescription pain medication. You may fear how you will cope with pain or that others will judge you for addiction to pain killers. Fortunately, we can help you on the road to recovery with private, safe, and confidential recovery from opiate addiction.

Once you have completed our rehabilitation program, you will move on to aftercare and attending support groups. These services have played a significant part in encouraging recovery and helping affected individuals prevent relapsing. We ensure aftercare programs are part of our long-term care initiatives. Every client is supported and educated on coping or managing pain with group assistance and alternative pain management practices.

Learn More About Our Aftercare Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Insurance cover opiate addiction treatment?

If it is part of your insurance plan, yes, it should. Let us help you find out if your insurer has included rehab in your policy. We work with multiple insurers and can check for you what percentage of your rehab is included in your policy.

Why consider our opiate addiction treatment center in California?

If you find yourself affected by opiate addiction and abuse, it is time to make a positive change by reaching out to our addiction treatment center in California. We offer a spacious and secure environment along with professional care so you can overcome addiction.

How much does treatment cost?

Treatment depends on the duration of your stay and whether detox is included in the program. Speak to your recovery service for information on the costs of detox and treatment.

What causes opioid withdrawal?

Quitting or using the substance after abusing it or using it for an extended period can lead to opioid withdrawal. It does not develop overnight and can lead to discomfort, which is why you should seek assisted detox.

Do you use substitution medicines?

We only use medication on a case-by-case basis and determine the best course of action for your recovery.

Can I extend my treatment if I think it's necessary?

Yes, you are more than welcome to extend your treatment if you feel not ready to end rehabilitation. You can discuss your options with our trusted team to learn about extensions for rehab.

Do You Need Help?

Don’t hesitate to contact us today – we will help you recover from the effects of addiction.