Residential Programs

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At United Recovery California, we provide effective methods for treating and impactfully addressing and healing the underlying causes for addiction. Not only do we assist our clients in dealing with symptoms, but we also provide them with strategies and techniques to overcome issues. We are here for you.

Our residential programs take place within our treatment facility, an environment of peace and tranquillity during the healing process. We provide a comfortable stay in addition to creating a welcoming environment, which ensures a focus on treatment and therapy.

Addictions we Treat

Our residential programs are designed to treat both drug addiction and alcohol addiction, both illicit and prescription based:

Program Types

Detox Program

Detoxification is the initial approach to obtaining sobriety for people struggling with substance addiction. As soon as a person with an addiction to drugs or alcohol abruptly stops using, within a few hours or days after their last intake, they risk developing withdrawal symptoms.

Our detox program helps those with severe drug or alcohol dependence, but detox alone is rarely enough in treating the psychological nature of addiction. Those who attend our detox only programme must commit to an aftercare program.

Our detox programs

Rehabilitation Program

Our residential rehab program is designed to treat the root causes of addiction.

Our therapeutic team will work with you to explore past traumas or events, and offer practical solutions to staying sober. These come in the form of group therapy sessions, individualized therapy sessions and holistic therapies such as meditation, which all support the individual as a whole.

A detox is included as part of your wider treatment plan.

Rehab Therapies

Aftercare Program

Completing a rehab program and returning home can feel daunting for many. The risk of relapse is often high in the first few months following treatment, so providing an additional safety net for those in early recovery is essential.

Our aftercare program is available to those who complete a residential program with us. Aftercare gives you access to additional support if and when you need it.

Our aftercare options

Extended Rehabilitation Program

Relapse can subside the hard work a person has put into recovery. Regardless if a person has already relapsed or there is rise to a pending relapse, our treatment team can assist with an extended rehabilitation program.

We are well aware that transition in and out of treatment can be very difficult for many individuals. Hence, part of our extended rehabilitation makes use of our transitional living program as part of extensive recovery. Prolonged treatment has shown to provide greater success, especially for people with a more stressful way of life.

We are one of the best luxury rehab in California, we offer luxury alcohol and drug rehab.

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We offer initial assessment and advice via phone or contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the minimum program duration?

Each form of treatment requires a person to spend about 28 days in our treatment program, where they have support and accountability. Our detox program may require less, depending on each person’s individual assessment.

How long will it take to recover from addiction?

Addiction and dependence are difficult to escape. With prolonged use, the body relies on a substance to feel normal. Once addicted to a substance, it takes a lot to keep that same level of “high” without the use of the substance.

Addictive substances interfere with a person’s ability to function normally and often result in many adverse side effects.

Addiction rehab programs offer the opportunity to continue with treatment for as long as required. By providing a space to live, a support system, and a sense of safety, rehab care programs allow patients to focus on healing instead of the substance they are abusing.

If a person has concluded their initial recovery program and has found the confidence needed, they are prepared to return to their previous way of life. Then, our care programs are, without doubt, the best way to strengthen and continue an addiction-free life.

Are your programs LGBTQ friendly?

Yes. We recognized the need for addiction therapy from the LGBTQ+ community. We welcome each individual to reach out about the treatment options available.

How much does a rehab program cost?

Rehabilitation costs vary and are dependent on circumstance. It would be most advisable to contact our counseling team to discuss in-depth pricing according to your needs.

Are your programs suitable for those with a dual diagnosis?

Yes. Not every rehabilitation center offers dual diagnosis treatment, and therefore, it is crucial to receive the professional assistance you need with our specialized team at United Recovery. We offer dual diagnosis treatment as part of our luxury programs.

What happens after a program is complete?

We provide aftercare treatment which increases the chances of staying sober outside of treatment. Our alumni program also makes use of committed persons who are passionate about providing effective aftercare.

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