Meth Rehab

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Meth Addiction Treatment

Methamphetamine is a harmful substance that is highly addictive.

If you are battling an methamphetamine addiction or you know someone who is, it is crucial to find help to prevent the substance from taking over your life.

United Recovery is a specialized meth addiction treatment and rehab facility. We provide individual, group, and holistic therapy for every patient who comes to us in need of rehabilitation and support.

In our guide to meth addiction treatment, we help you learn about the options to treat meth dependence, including the types of therapies and rehab we provide to get back on your feet and live a life free of methamphetamine addiction.

Getting Help for Meth Addiction

Meth is an addictive stimulant responsible for people as young as 15 years of age forming addiction and needing rehabilitation treatment. It is addictive because it releases large amounts of dopamine with only one use. Dopamine is a chemical found in the brain and is known to create sensations of pleasure and relaxation, but when you take Meth, it causes an intense rush of dopamine that leaves individuals wanting more. The more the drug is used, the more you build tolerance. This means increasing the amount of the drug with each use to reach the same intensity of high, which also heightens one’s risk of overdosing.

A significant problem for Meth users is that it is not as expensive as other illicit or street drugs, making it easier for many people to maintain their substance abuse.

When you stop taking Meth, there is a sudden loss of pleasure, and you could experience severe depression, anxiety, and lethargy. It increases heart rate and blood pressure that may lead to a stroke. It can create aggression, tremors, and irritability. You may be unable to sleep, stay up for days, and feel that you need to use Meth to feel normal or happy again. But Meth doesn’t create true or accurate happiness. It mimics a natural dopamine-producing imbalance in the body. When you stop taking Meth, you go through uncomfortable withdrawal, placing you at greater risk of taking dangerously high doses. It is so dangerous that some people can experience psychosis months after using the substance. Most alarming is how Meth use can cause brain damage when used over a long-term period.

It is essential to understand that it is not impossible to overcome meth addiction. It can be achieved, but it requires the brave step to seek professional rehabilitation and addiction treatment. With access to unconditional support and a non-judgmental approach, you can stop Meth from negatively affecting your present and future.

How we Treat Meth Addiction

To effectively treat meth addiction, it starts with detox. Only once the substance is no longer active in the body can you truly begin your journey to recovery. At United Recovery, we provide complete detox programs for those struggling with meth addiction. Our treatment plan starts at the medical facility, where our experienced clinical staff oversees your meth detox.

The reason that detox in an inpatient facility is necessary is because of withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms from Meth include agitation, fatigue, sleepiness, intense cravings for the substance, and a high risk of psychosis. There is also the risk of individuals causing self-harm while under psychological distress owing to the influence of Meth.

Our detox program can support you with 24-hour medical care, including medication to ease your symptoms. Once detox is complete, you’ll enter rehabilitation to receive structured treatment by our licensed therapists. Our rehab program will introduce you to positive coping skills, relapse prevention, and steps to maintain your sobriety during your treatment.

Meth is also known as ice, speed, crystal, and glass on the street. It is a highly addictive artificial stimulant meant to create euphoria when used. The drug is available in powder form and can be smoked, snorted, and injected, creating a rapid high. Meth is illegal because it is classified as a Schedule II drug according to the Controlled Substances Act. Because this drug abuse causes severe physical and psychological dependence with many unpleasant and life-threatening risks, it is illegal to purchase, use, or sell Meth.

Types of Programs

Detox Program

Our meth detox program is designed so that you will suffer the fewest withdrawal symptoms while cleansing your body from the traces of the drug use within a safe environment. For methamphetamine addiction, we have medical staff available 24/7 and monitoring all processes while you are undergoing the detoxification phase in your drug abuse recovery treatment.

Detox Programs

Residential Program

During rehab, you will have a calm and relaxing environment in which you can recover from your opiate addiction. Methamphetamine takes a toll on our mental health, so you will receive a mixture of behavioral, holistic, and traditional therapies. Our addiction counselors will focus on building up your confidence and working towards new coping mechanisms alongside you, bringing emotional support to avoid any risk of relapse.

The inpatient treatment allows us to monitor more efficiently the physical symptoms linked to withdrawal than the outpatient treatment. It’s important for your substance use disorder recovery that we follow closely your physical and mental progress and to avoid any harmful behaviors that might cause health issues.

Residential Programs

Extended Rehab Program

We offer aftercare sessions for all who complete our methamphetamine addiction treatment and rehab programs. This includes sessions, counseling, and group meetings. We can also advise you on available support groups and fellowship options near you to help in your substance abuse treatment.

Extended Rehab Programs

Why Choose United Recovery CA for Meth Rehab?

  • We are a 12 step and medical facility specializing in meth addiction treatment.

  • Inpatient and outpatient services.

  • Supportive and certified team of medical professionals.

  • Round the clock monitoring with meth detox support.

  • A variety of treatment options, including individual, group and behavioral therapy.

  • Family therapy.

  • Mental health services.

  • Holistic programs.

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How Long Does Meth Rehab Last?

Treating meth addiction is complex because of the physical and psychological components. The body depends on it to feel some form of pleasure or euphoria, and mentally you crave it to prevent methamphetamine withdrawal and satisfy the craving. Meth addiction can last for months to years with a strong tendency towards psychosis. It is vital to find rehab and recovery for meth addiction with a trusted program that provides the individualized support that you need. United Recovery offers long-term rehab so you can focus on your recovery and protect against relapse.

The Meth Rehab Program

Our meth treatment assists you with the difficulties you experience during meth addiction. We believe in getting to the root cause of the problem with our range of supportive therapies; we are here to help you every step of the way. United Recovery Offers the following programs for the treating methamphetamine addiction:


Meeting with a therapist and discussing your addiction can help you work through deep-seated and past traumas that may be contributing to drug dependence. Some of the modalities that we incorporate include cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT, in which we introduce practical skills and coping mechanisms for overcoming addiction from your substance use.

Group Therapy

Treating addiction requires the support and the assistance of group therapy offered at United Recovery. As a 12 step facility, we believe that group support and becoming part of an extended network of people in addiction recovery from substance abuse. Treatment options include participation in support groups of recovering users and wellness activities such as Yoga and meditation.

Individual Therapy

An individual approach to treatment is a necessary part of the addiction recovery process. It helps you explore the underlying reasons for your meth use, common triggers, and the steps you can take to overcome the psychological aspect of meth addiction.

Holistic Therapy

We focus on holistic therapies from deep massage and nutrition counseling to chiropractic therapy to help you work through every aspect of rehabilitation. This includes the physical and the psychological side of meth addiction.

Do You Need Help?

We can help you get better. Together in our treatment center, we can build up your confidence and you can regain control over your life! Contact us now to begin your recovery from methamphetamine addiction!

Staying away from Meth for Good

Approximately 1.6 million people in the US reported using Meth last year. As it only takes a single use to become addicted, the illicit drug creates an epidemic of substance users. One needs to look at the number of deaths from methamphetamine that rose by 7.5 times between 2007 and 2017. More people need help with meth addiction before it is too late.

Methamphetamine is a complex drug that creates immense challenges for those addicted. It creates both psychological and physical dependence, intensifying cravings for the drug.

Aftercare & support groups

At United Recovery, we understand the complexity and the struggles associated with crystal meth addiction. We know how hard it is for you to maintain recovery and sobriety after rehab, and that is why we provide aftercare and support group services, including our Alumni program. We aim to help you with the tools you need by meeting with a therapist and receiving support from former meth users who understand what you are going through.

Learn More About Our Aftercare Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why consider treatment for meth addiction at United Recovery CA?

We have a specialized meth addiction treatment, detox, and aftercare program tailored to your needs. We also provide a safe, comfortable, and non-judgmental environment where you can focus on your recovery from substance abuse in private.

What are Methamphetamine Treatment Plans?

Meth treatment plans are individualized therapies based on our unique addiction treatment and recovery approach. We personalize our meth substance use disorders treatment approaches to help you get better and start your recovery efficiently.

Does Insurance Cover Meth Addiction Treatment?

If you have a policy that includes addiction treatment, it should cover meth addiction. Please speak to your insurer about your options or give us a call and let us take care of this.

What are the benefits of treatment?

Constructively coping skills, nutrition counseling to work on your physical health, constant support, and relapse prevention.

Why is Meth so addictive?

Meth acts on the mind and body by creating a rush of dopamine, the brain’s natural feel-good hormone. The more substance is used, the more the body craves it.

What is the treatment plan at a rehab clinic?

You will enter our clinic with a warm welcome and a professional assessment. A monitored detox is provided, and entry into an individualized rehab program follows suit.

Do You Need Help?

You can get better with the right support to recover from drug addiction. Don’t hesitate to contact us now so that we can discuss the next steps to.