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Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin is easy to get addicted to and can lead to dependence after only one use. It is a widely known drug worldwide, with staggering numbers of people addicted to this illicit drug.
When you need help with heroin addiction, it is vital to reach out to a heroin addiction treatment and rehab center that prioritizes your health and well-being.

To help you understand the rehab process and what to expect from therapy, we look at the consequences of heroin addiction and how we can assist with your long-term recovery, relapse prevention, and long-lasting sobriety after treatment.

About Our Drug Rehab Center

United Recovery started as a rehabilitation center to help those with drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Today, we are a medical facility offering a full range of individual, group, and holistic therapies to give our clients the best chance at recovery.

When you arrive at the facility, we will welcome you to a safe and relaxed recovery environment. You will meet with our professional and experienced therapists to perform a physical and mental function assessment. The purpose is to create a tailored recovery plan based on your evaluation to receive a unique treatment for your addiction and healthcare. Our goal is to introduce you to detox, rehabilitation, and support services that proved most successful for those working on heroin addiction and recovery.

Only with a thoroughly custom recovery plan can you receive the wellness strategies you need to live independently and overcome the grip of heroin addiction.

About United Recovery Project

Getting Help for Heroin Addiction

At United Recovery, we have assisted our clients with heroin addiction treatment and recovery for more than a decade. We believe in providing tailored programs, unconditional support, and a relaxed environment where you can focus on your well-being and get to the bottom of any underlying causes for your heroin addiction.

Heroin can be used in different ways, creating a euphoric sensation in the brain. It is highly addictive and fast-acting, making it hard to quit on your own. While it is described as creating a “high,” this neuro-depressant also slows your heart rate and breathing, leading to unexpected overdoses and sometimes even death. It also has long-term effects on the body, including insomnia, mental disorders, kidney disease, and a high risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis related to sharing needles.

A significant problem with heroin addiction is that this illicit drug is usually bought on the street, laced with other types of substances. This can include prescription medications such as Fentanyl and Methadone. The CDC reported a rise in methadone deaths by 5.5 times between 1999 and 2009. This means that intervention is needed for heroin addiction and the risk of overdosing, mainly where an unknown substance is purchased.

Symptoms of addiction that call for concern and a discussion with your GP or an addiction treatment specialist include:

  • an intense need to use the drug
  • prioritizing heroin over work, family, and relationships
  • tolerance, meaning you no longer can feel the same high when you take the dosage you started with

As heroin is an opioid drug, its addictive properties can last for months, even years. One way to overcome heroin addiction is with supportive drug rehabilitation and recovery program.

How We Treat Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is treated at our medical rehab facility. We start by providing every patient with a monitored and clinically supported detox. The purpose of detox is to ensure that heroin is removed from the body so you can focus on recovery and rehabilitation with a sober mind.

After successfully removing all traces of heroin and other substances in the case of co-occurring addictions, we follow up with comprehensive rehabilitation. Once the rehabilitation has been completed, our patients can move into secondary care or an aftercare program, depending on their individual situation.

United Recovery California uses a combination of traditional and innovative methodologies for heroin addiction treatment. We incorporate holistic therapies and psychoanalysis in our programs, working alongside clients and their loved ones towards a healthier, addiction-free life.

Types of Programs

Detox Program

Our detox program for heroin is designed so that you will suffer the fewest withdrawal symptoms while cleansing your body from the traces of any Heroin you have been taking. For Heroin addiction, we have medical staff available 24/7 and monitoring all processes while you are undergoing the detoxification phase.

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Residential Program

During rehab, you will have a calm and relaxing environment in which you can recover from your heroin addiction. Heroin takes a toll on our mental health, so you will receive a mixture of behavioral, holistic, and traditional therapies. Our addiction counselors will focus on building up your confidence and working towards new coping mechanisms alongside you.

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Aftercare Program

We offer aftercare sessions for all who complete our Heroin addiction treatment and rehab programs. This includes sessions, counseling, and group meetings. We can also advise you on available support groups and fellowship options near you.

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Why Choose United Recovery CA for Heroin Rehab?

  • Constant care and monitoring
  • Professional psychotherapy
  • Individual therapies
  • Group therapy
  • Holistic services

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How Long Does Heroin Rehab Last?

Heroin is an opioid, which creates long-acting effects on the mind and the body. With only a dose, you can become addicted. Opioids can relieve pain, but they also bring about dangerous relaxation to vital organs of the human body, such as the heart and lungs. At United Recovery, we introduce the tools you need to relax and recover from heroin addiction. We believe that our long-term rehab programs of months to a year provide the best shot at recovery. The purpose is to help you with withdrawal symptoms, teach relapse prevention, and take steps to identify the addiction triggers that are holding you back.

Heroin addiction is a complex condition, but it can be overcome when receiving the proper treatment. We can help you understand heroin addiction and we offer the programs to help you live a sober and balanced life.

Therapies used to Treat Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction can be highly detrimental to your social, professional, and personal life. It can lead to health problems and challenges that make it hard to feel motivated about your studies, work, or loved ones.At United Recovery, your life and purpose matter to us, and therefore, we have created a dedicated rehab program to help you work on your recovery. Our programs include a set of individual, group, and one-to-one psychoanalysis to help you find the underlying causes for your heroin dependence and manage them through learned coping mechanisms instead of illicit drugs.

Group Therapy

Group support remains one of the most powerful driving forces behind addiction treatment and successful recovery. As part of our 12-step approach, we encourage group participation and support. We offer several therapies in a group setting, where you can meet with like-minded people and share experience and advice while receiving honest feedback from our professional addiction expert, who will be present at all sessions.

Group therapy for heroin addiction helps you discover how to manage through sharing. Comparing ourselves with others is often seen as a negative thought, but learning from others’ experiences will help you find new ways to manage your stressors and triggers.

Individual Therapy

Focusing on your health and psychological well-being is necessary for heroin addiction treatment. We include individual sessions as part of our comprehensive addiction treatment program, from meeting with a chiropractor to help with pain to teaching you how to cope in demanding situations that might risk relapsing. Individual sessions will have you and a dedicated therapist discuss problems, find solutions, discover coping mechanisms, and learn new ways to handle stress.

We know that you can escape many of the negative thoughts that suffocate your mind through creativity. This is why we have incorporated creative therapies, such as music and art, into our treatment.

Holistic Therapy

Getting clean and sober is about understanding your addiction. It is about realizing its negative physical and mental impact on your life. We introduce you to nutritional counseling and wellness activities such as yoga to strengthen and improve your sobriety with holistic therapy.

Complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM), as it’s also known to many, this type of treatment focuses on treating the whole instead of just individual symptoms.

Examples of holistic therapies which help with mental health and physical health alike are acupuncture and massage therapy. We provide a multitude of options as part of our luxury programs.

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Aftercare & Support Groups

At United Recovery, we offer a safe, comfortable, and supported environment where clients can work towards their long-term recovery from heroin addiction. This includes participation in aftercare and support groups once rehab is completed. Aftercare allows you to continue receiving professional therapy outside of inpatient care while practicing the tools and skills you learned while in the recovery program. You can share experiences, relate to others, and understand how people have overcome heroin addiction through support groups.

At United Recovery, we aim to help you maintain your sobriety and prevent the devastating consequences of relapsing. Through aftercare and group support, you can continue to learn how to cope constructively, implement essential life skills, and change your attitude towards drug use and unhealthy habits.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Does an Opioid Rehabilitation Center Work with Substitute Medications?

Substitute medications are meant to ease the intense physical, and psychological cravings experienced while in recovery. As a professional opioid rehab center, we work with substitute medications during the detoxification process to help you
heal. How long you need the tapering depends on how long you have been addicted to heroin, what other drugs you have taken, the dosage you have reached, and more.

Am I Ready for Rehab?

You are ready for rehab when you decide to reach out for help and commit to a professional rehabilitation program. At United Recovery, every client is assessed. We help with individualized care and motivate you to stick to the recovery plan. You may feel anxious and unsure, but once you enter our facility, you will have the chance to think about what you want for your life with a sober mind.

How long does it take to get off heroin?

There is no one-size-fits-all type of treatment. It is impossible to say how long you will need to be treated. However, since heroin is an opioid that creates an intense addiction, it works on the brain by changing its chemistry, and soon there is a mental and physical addiction. It can take months, up to a year or more, to overcome heroin addiction. Even once the body adjusts to the absence of the drug, the mental craving increases the risk of relapse. With a long-term rehab and care program, you have the best chance of living a drug-free lifestyle.

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