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What is a rehab aftercare program? Generally, here at United Recovery California, we design this program to help clients acclimate to life after addiction treatment. For many, it’s a lifeline because it adds the support needed to prevent relapse. For others, it’s simply a safer alternative to transitioning directly back out into the community. In addition, most luxury treatment programs provide aftercare support for those in recovery from addiction. Therefore, if you’re considering a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center nearby, ask about the aftercare program before you commit.

What’s Involved in an Addiction Aftercare Program?

rehab aftercare programAftercare for addiction usually involves a sober living home. Some facilities refer to this as transitional living. This is a living arrangement, usually a shared home or apartment, where someone ending treatment can stay temporarily as they get back on their feet.

This element of a rehab aftercare program may provide such resources as employment assistance, help with child care and transportation, and a safe place to live and sleep until you’re ready to try it on your own. As a result, the sober living facility is probably one of the most beneficial aspects of addiction aftercare, but it’s not the only one. A rehab aftercare program or an extended residential treatment program may offer multiple resources, including:

  • Inclusion in alumni events and activities
  • Access to continued counseling or therapy
  • A 24-hour crisis hotline
  • Crisis-intervention services
  • Access to support group meetings

The higher the quality of aftercare you receive after treatment, the better your chances for making a successful, lifelong recovery.

Why Is an Addiction Aftercare Program So Vital?

Addiction is a disease that destroys more than just the person who’s using the drug. Unfortunately, it destroys families, too. Sadly, this includes driving wedges between life partners, alienating children and parents, and making it difficult or impossible to meet daily responsibilities. Additionally, addiction may take a toll on your job or your schoolwork as well. For these reasons, many clients who enter treatment do so without the support of family and friends. This means they must rebuild their network over time, by making amends and by learning to trust those within their recovery community. For those clients who are still lacking support after treatment ends, their rehab aftercare program helps fill the void.

Recovery can feel lonely at times, especially when everyone you used to know still uses drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, being around these old friends is not an option in recovery. Therefore, it’s necessary to build a new network of friends who support your goals and are willing to help you achieve them. Aftercare can help by bringing you into repeated contact with others who walk the same path.

Find the Aftercare Program You Need at United Recovery California

If you or your loved one needs help to recover from addiction in southern California, United Recovery California is waiting to take your call. United Recovery is a luxury treatment facility that brings a resort-level of care to drug addiction treatment. We treat you like family here, meet you with open arms, and usher into an inclusive environment where everyone is equal and accepted. There is no judgment here and no blame. We are simply people helping people overcome the ravages of drug and alcohol addiction.

When you’re ready to begin your personalized recovery journey, call United Recovery California at 855.923.3506. One of our friendly associates will take your call and lead you gently through the steps needed to apply. We can verify your insurance over the phone to expedite your admission and get you into treatment right away. As soon as you reach out for help, your life will feel more manageable. So call today, or visit us online for more information on United Recovery California.