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If you have already completed our luxury treatment programs, you may wonder what other support you can lean on to help you transition back to maintaining your sobriety on your own. United Recovery California has a rehab alumni program that allows you to stay in touch with your peers and help others go through the recovery process. Learn more about the benefits of a rehab alumni program in Southern California and how you can get involved.

Have You Completed Rehab?

rehab alumni program southern californiaDepending on where you are in your journey, you may or may not have gone through drug and alcohol detox and recovery. That’s OK because it’s never too early to find out about the resources available beyond your initial treatment programs. Transitioning back to everyday life without the support of our medical team and therapists can raise a bit of anxiety after you complete your drug or alcohol addiction program.

After all, the real work begins when you leave the structured environment and go back to rebuild your life. You may find that you feel differently about your friends and family members who still drink or use drugs. There might be times where you have to separate yourself from the places and people that led you to addiction in the first place. While this is a great strategy for recovery, it may leave you a bit lonely.

Joining an alumni program helps you stay in touch with others who have returned to their lives and struggle every day to maintain their clean living or sobriety.

Addiction Therapy Programs Available at United Recovery California

If you haven’t yet found a suitable rehab program, we invite you to check out our luxurious treatment programs, including the following:

After you complete your recovery program, you will have gained life skills and new interests to fuel future development. We offer an alumni program to help you stay on track.

Advancing to an Alumni Program

Graduating from drug addiction rehab represents a serious accomplishment. You should feel very proud of succeeding in your efforts to resist a relapse. Alumni programs create opportunities for you to receive support and help others on their journey to sober living.

Typical alumni groups have activities that reconnect you to your family at United Recovery California, including:

  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Local chapter meetings
  • Continuing education programs to support your recovery
  • Chance to intermingle with peers and new clients

Alumni events can take on many forms, such as retreats or reunions. We often provide speaking opportunities or weekly meetings to help new recovery graduates stay on track and learn from program veterans. By joining our alumni group, you can meet people with a common goal and stay in touch with those who helped you get through recovery.

Whether you want to help others or need additional support yourself, a rehab alumni program can help you achieve your goals.

Learn More About United Recovery California’s Alumni Program in Southern California

At United Recovery California, we love to see clients return with their stories of challenges and successes. No one ever said the road to recovery would be smooth. However, maintaining a network of supportive, caring peers can make it much easier. We also offer sober living spaces to help you transition back to daily life more slowly. Further, our aftercare program makes it easy for you to stay in touch and continue to take advantage of our services. Contact us at 855.923.3506 today to find out more about our alumni program or any of our treatment programs dedicated to helping you win back your life.