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About Our Center

Our Mission Recovery treatment center provides holistic addiction rehabilitation and dedicated counseling. We have created a stress-free, calming environment with spacious bedrooms, a refreshing garden, and modern therapeutic areas that are purpose-built for the needs of addiction recovery. This is a place meant for recovery where you can feel safe and supported while taking some of the most important steps in your life. The detoxification facilities at our center are fully equipped for poly-substance detoxification, dual diagnosis treatment, and inpatient care for people who are struggling with more than one dependency.

If you, or a loved one, are looking for luxury addiction treatment, then our Mission Recovery facilities in Laguna Hills, California are the right choice. We offer a home away from home, where support and understanding are key to unlocking complete recovery.

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En-suite rooms, relaxing environment and state-of-the-art facilities

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Features & Benefits

With a maximum of six beds in each of our facilities, your personal space is protected, while you can still enjoy spending time and communicating with your peers.


Our facility is just around the corner from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We take full advantage of our location and incorporate beach outings for you or your loved one to enjoy.


Recover from addiction within a safe & secure environment, surrounded by peace and tranquillity. Our highly skilled medical team can facilitate a supervised detox to help ease withdrawal symptoms, before you commence your holistic treatment plan.

A Fresh Start

This location provides an abundance of job resources, a strong recovery community, and one of the best school systems in the country. There is never a shortage of opportunity!

Addiction is a devastating condition that affects every aspect of your life – relationships, professional opportunities, personal finances, and general health. Is your mental health severely affected by the stigma of addiction? Trying to hide it can make you weary and concerned about what would happen if someone discovers your secret.

Rediscover You.

Addiction is not who you are. Our treatment specialists will help you rediscover your strengths, and help you regain control. We have dedicated counselors who are available to help you solve any problems and concerns you may have. By discussing with our highly skilled specialists, you will be able to rediscover your own point of view, but also see different aspects of each problem.

Key Features

Insurance Check

We can help you check your insurance policy and how much of your addiction detox and rehab can be covered.

Extended Care

Our extended services include additional therapies, counseling and assistance in a step-by-step move from rehab into a halfway house or another monitored environment so that your move into everyday stressors isn’t as shocking to your mental health.

Free Aftercare

We provide free aftercare for after completion of treatment so that you can safely transfer from the secure rehab environment into your everyday busy life.

Recognized provider

We are a recognized provider and work with the biggest healthcare insurance companies in the country. Contact us for details.

Why Choose URP – Mission Recovery?

The vast majority of our team is in recovery themselves, so they have personally experienced the trials, challenges, and successes of moving from a life of addiction into sober everyday life. This gives our substance misuse rehabilitation programs a firmer grounding in understanding what you need to completely heal.

What’s more – we understand that addiction is a unique experience, and solutions are built, not found. When you are admitted to our treatment center, you will receive our full attention and dedication, because, from the very beginning, we care about your experience with addiction, your mental health, and your fears.

Each new client we admit to our facility will walk a path that fits their scopes, and no one else’s. We provide custom-tailored treatments. The comprehensive programs we will offer will be designed with your input so that your goals are met.

Our comprehensive treatment focuses on all aspects of the recovery process, including:

  • Mental health
  • Physical healing
  • Medical needs
  • Emotional support

Our programs are designed to empower you – body, mind, and soul. We are not here to waste your time and get you to return for more, we want to equip you with the best mechanisms to handle your sober future without our help.

Your continuous sobriety is our success.

Do You Need Help?

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