In-Depth Health and Nutrition Benefits at Luxury Rehab

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Although it sounds simple enough, the term substance use disorder fails to convey the complexity of the condition and the factors that affect it. On the surface, addiction seems like the main issue. However, when it’s time to treat the condition, you can’t untangle addiction from factors like poor mental, emotional, and physical health. It’s why luxury rehab centers use evidence-based treatments and provide amenities to improve health and nutrition.

Mental Health at Luxury Rehab

Considering how a large number of people have a co-occurring mental health disorder and substance use disorder, it’s crucial that addiction specialists consider the holistic approach to help clients.

Mental Health Assessments

One of the main ways that treatment centers do this is through a mental health assessment. This includes a screening by a mental health professional for signs of psychological disorder or any other symptoms.

Focus on Dual Diagnosis

At luxury rehab centers, there’s a focus on dual diagnosis. This involves determining whether a person has a co-occurring mental disorder alongside their substance use disorder. Diagnosing a person with both can allow addiction specialists to determine if a mental health problem is the underlying reason behind substance abuse or vice versa.

Wide Range of Therapies

Research indicates that people who go to rehab but fail to get mental health treatment are at a higher risk of relapsing. That’s because poor mental health can increase a person’s vulnerability in times of stress. They may be faced with a stressful event or environment that pushes them to take their desired substance. Therefore, luxury rehab centers provide numerous therapies like CBT, DBT, and motivational interviewing.

Improving Physical Health at Luxury Rehab Centers

Studies indicate that physical activity can have a positive effect on people recovering from addiction. Prolonged drug use can alter brain chemistry by affecting the brain’s ability to produce its own endorphins. Exercise can stimulate the release of endorphins, which helps stabilize brain chemistry and reduces the intensity of cravings.

Fitness Center and Gym

Luxury rehab centers are designed to include the latest fitness equipment to nurture a preference for physical activity. Exercising regularly in a dedicated space can help people build a routine and also develops greater self-control. Fitness centers have equipment for all types of exercises like strength training and cardio.

Group Personal Training

When people come to rehab to address their substance use issues, it gives them an opportunity to reflect on their goals. It’s possible that you’ve wanted to meet your fitness goals for a long time, and you may meet someone who feels the same way.

This offers an opportunity to be a part of a group and be accountable for meeting your goals. In this case, a personal trainer can track your performance as a group and make recommendations based on your age, body type, and health condition.

Outdoor Recreation

Often, a luxury addiction treatment center is based in a secluded location with breathtaking scenery and a fantastic view. With plenty of spare acreages, you’ll get plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Some of the amenities include:

  • Outdoor pool
  • Volleyball court
  • Basketball court

These give you a chance to enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air, which can be critical to both your physical and mental well-being.

Yoga and Meditation

According to the National Institutes of Health, yoga is an effective way to improve wellness. It can alleviate stress, improve sleep, and maintain an emotional balance. While most people associate it with mental wellness, it offers various benefits for physical health as well.

It can relieve pain and increase flexibility which reduces your risk of injuries and ensures that your joints move through their complete range of motion. Because of how it relaxes the body, it allows you to sleep better too.

Emotional Health at Luxury Rehab

For many people, recovery from a substance use disorder hinges on emotional wellness. Negative emotions are a precursor to substance abuse, so practicing methods that help with emotional regulation is critical. It’s why luxury rehab centers tend to have the following:

Calm and Relaxing Environment

It’s common for people who live in unstable environments to be susceptible to drug use. A luxury rehab center provides them with the stability and comfort they need to recover. The facility is designed with modern living spaces, semi-private and private rooms, and outdoor areas.

On-Site Amenities

Enrolling at a rehab center gives you the chance to access various on-site amenities. After all, emotional health for some people can be as simple as keeping up with weekly grooming sessions. It’s why luxury rehab centers have amenities like:

  • On-site barbers
  • On-site chiropractor and acupuncture
  • On-site manicures and pedicures

In addition, they offer different therapies to assist with emotional regulation. These include art therapy, music therapy, and even animal-assisted therapy.

Support Groups

For some people, having a network of people who support them is crucial for their emotional well-being. A support group allows you to realize that you’re not going through this struggle alone. It acts as a source of encouragement and helps you stay focused on recovery.

Activities and Events

Being able to remove yourself from a stressful environment and seeking activities to alleviate stress is an important part of stabilizing your emotions. After going to rehab, some people may not find the opportunity to seek experiences that help them relax.

It’s why luxury rehab centers have alumni programs that host regular events and activities. These include various social events where you can surround yourself with supportive people while physically distancing yourself from stressful situations.

Nutrition at Luxury Rehab

There are numerous studies on the effectiveness of nutrition as a catalyst for recovery from substance use disorder. It’s why luxury rehab centers offer the following:

Chef-Prepared Meals

Aside from being a component of treatment, food is a significant indicator of one’s lifestyle. When you have a taste for the finer things in life and have a limited palate, adjusting to a new environment can seem quite daunting. Therefore, luxury rehab centers provide you with chef-prepared meals made from fresh ingredients. Chefs are also informed of your dietary restrictions and preferences.

Nutrition Courses

When you’re struggling with a substance use disorder, you get cravings for certain kinds of foods. And when you’re recovering, the wrong food can worsen withdrawal symptoms by causing an immediate high followed by a ‘crash.’ It’s why evidence-based treatment also includes nutrition courses to inform you about how food can affect your mood.


Primarily, luxury rehab centers focus on addressing substance use disorders through detox, medication-assisted therapy, and other evidence-based therapies. At the same time, they also consider various facets of clients’ health and the quality of nutrition. That’s because such aspects have a major influence on a person’s motivation to recover. It’s why you should consider a luxury rehab center if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and wants to recover in a supportive and calm environment.