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If you or a loved one is struggling with drug addiction or alcohol addiction, it may seem like everything is hopeless and finding it difficult to know where to start. You can treat dependence although it is a disease, and long term recovery is attainable through professional rehab intervention methods.

This Guide will explain integrated approaches to addiction treatment and how you or a loved one can begin and maintain a sober life.

What is Addiction Rehab (Rehabilitation)?

The term substance ‘rehabilitation’ is applicable to all of the medical and psychological treatments used to help individuals who have dependencies on recreational, illegal and prescription substances. Addiction rehab has higher chances of long term recovery success if it is customized to the individual needs of the client and includes medically-managed detoxification, residential or outpatient programs, and relapse management techniques such as aftercare.

Facts & Statistics about Addiction in Calexico

Prevalence of Substance Use Disorder, by Drug Type

    • 2,7578.5%Any Substance
    • 2,0886.4%Alcohol
    • 1,0683.3%Ilicit Drugs
    • 2060.6%Pain Medication

Drug- and Alcohol-Induced Deaths by Age Group, California, 2016

Per 100,000 Population
  • Alcohol-Induced
  • Drug-Induced
    • 18 to 250.5
    • 9.6
    • 26 to 354.3
    • 13.9
    • 36 to 6424.2
    • 22.9
    • 65+23.7
    • 9.4

Drug Use, by Selected Type and Age Group California, 2015 to 2016

  • 12 to 17
  • 18 to 25
  • 26+
    • Marijuana*13.2%
    • 34.0%
    • 13.5%
    • Misuse of Pain Medications3.5%
    • 8.0%
    • 4.3%
    • Cocaine0.8%
    • 7.2%
    • 1.8%
    • Heroin0%
    • 0.4%
    • 0.2%

What are the treatment options available in Calexico?

Identifying and healing the root causes behind your substance or alcohol use disorder can be achieved through the use of an holistic treatment program. Utilizing coping strategies to treat the main causes of your substance dependency is just as crucial as treating the symptoms of addiction.

Private Residential Programs

When you stay within the property where you are receiving addiction treatment, you are taking part in a residential addiction treatment program. Its main benefit is that you can receive holistic treatment and support all through the day. There is notable value in removing yourself from the home environment and becoming fully focused in the rehab program, because you are no longer sensitive to the stressors and triggers that may cause you to use drugs.

Finishing your rehab program and avoiding relapse is far easier if you stay in a protective and supportive environment. Patients who have dual diagnosis, co-occurring illnesses or severe substance dependencies are recommended to take part in an inpatient addiction treatment program.

You can start the first steps to a sober life by taking part in a residential program, however to get through the difficulty of the early stages of addiction recovery, you must work at it constantly. When your inpatient program is complete you will learn how to be more independent and your focus will be on what you would like from your new life.

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Sober Living Programs

Sober living programs are designed with the required guidance to help people in recovery get what they want from their new life without substance dependence. They help you through:

  1. A house manager to check in on you daily
  2. Setting the boundaries for acceptable behavior in recovery
  3. Getting guidance and companionship from other people in recovery who share similar difficulties

Outpatient Programs

By engaging in an outpatient program you have a lot more flexibility, because you can visit the rehab center for treatment weekly and continue attending important work or other commitments.

Outpatient programs assist you with:

  1. Drug abuse education
  2. Counseling and therapy which includes individual or group therapy – Your personal needs often determine the length of your outpatient program, which could extend from three months to more than year.

Detox Only Programs

The initial phase of any rehab program is a detox, which removes all traces of substances from your body and deals with your dependency on it. During detox you will develop withdrawal symptoms as your body starts to work without the substance it was dependent on.

This is only the start of your rehabilitation process, and the next steps are to confront and address the underlining problems that lead to your addiction, so that the pattern does not continue. Many substances drive withdrawal and cravings for some time after they have been cleared from your body. Relapse is less risky if you are equipped with the coping skills necessary to navigate your journey in recovery.

Paying for Private Treatment

Private rehab must be to be paid out of pocket or claimed through your insurance policy. Most insurance providers will contribute to at least part of the costs associated with drug and alcohol rehab, such as a medically-managed detox, rehab therapy and medical supplies, as well as post-treatment support. The amount covered for your treatment will be unique based on your policy and provider.

We recommend that you confirm the amount of cover you can claim before you take part in a program. Go to our Verify Your Insurance page to find out about the cover you qualify for.

Clients are liable for the cost of rehab if they do not claim from their insurance policy. Some treatment facilities will provide payment plans to those who can’t pay the whole cost of rehab.

State Funded Programs

State-funded rehab programs are designed for individuals who are battling with alcohol or substance addictions and who may not be in a situation to fund private rehab.

These programs make use of funding from Medicaid and state/federal budgets to facilitate recovery through:

  1. Medically-assisted detox programs
  2. Addiction counseling and ongoing support

People lacking private health cover or live in households with low combined income may enroll for a state-funded rehab program. In order to begin the process, you will need to submit:

  1. Proof of your financial situation
  2. Proof of where you live
  3. Your medical records regarding your drug or alcohol misuse
  4. Proof of legal US residence

https://www.grants.gov/ provides all the info required to apply. Follow this booklet to locate contact details of your state agency.

The following state-funded addiction rehab programs are available in Calexico:

Maintaining Addiction Recovery in Calexico

You may experience some initial difficulties once you leave rehab. At rehab you were in a professionally supported, safe environment. When you depart rehab there will be some new challenges that you will have to learn to cope with. Long term recovery is more challenging if you have a severe dependency or if you return to your new life without social support structures in place. Relapse can happen if you don’t have the appropriate aftercare or support to guide you into your new future.

The following AA/NA meetings are available in Calexico:

Aftercare & Alumni Programs

By participating in an aftercare program you get extended rehab support when you go home. Because no one can predict what could happen from one day to the next, up to 60% of clients in recovery experience relapse, this makes relapse prevention & aftercare an important part of recovery.

When your treatment is close to completion, we will help identify the therapies and counseling most helpful for your long-term recovery and an appropriate aftercare plan will be created to assist you. Alumni programs are one bonus to completing treatment and gives you community support with ex-clients and staff members.

This fantastic network gives you access to our social events, as well as ongoing support and companionship from other recovering members. You may also reciprocate in the program by supporting other people if you like.

Support Groups (Fellowship Meetings)

Support groups remain a great resource because they incorporate social responsibility into addiction recovery. With the support of groups like Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, you will continue the 12 steps and attend regular meetings for life-long support. When you take part in support groups, you will the opportunity to share your challenges in recovery and feel empowered by other individuals who are also in recovery. Many people in recovery attend local meetings to assist them in their recovery journey. Support groups provide them with vital tools to stay away from substances, and allow them to take responsibility for their life.

Support for Families & Children Affected by Addiction

The whole family unit is impacted by a loved one struggling with addiction, and some to a greater extent than others. Help is just as crucial for all family members as it is for the individual with the addiction issues. Family support groups provide you with vital coping strategies for your own life and help you to offer more support to the loved one who has the issues with substance dependence.

Some important support groups for families and children affected by addiction include:

  • Parents of Addicted Loved Ones
  • SMART Recovery Family & Friends
  • NAMI Family Support Groups
  • Al-Anon
  • Families Anonymous
  • Alateen
  • Nar-Anon

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